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A Model for Success - Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa

A Model for Success - Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa

January 26, 2023

Differentiating yourself within the increasingly competitive financial services landscape has become an imperative for advisors as building a successful practice goes beyond managing assets in today’s marketplace. It involves innovation, leadership, and forging deep client relationships in an authentic way. In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Rita Robbins, Founder and President of Affiliated Advisors for a conversation that conveys how Rita distills her personal leadership style, filled with genuine enthusiasm and passion for the financial services industry, into tangible lessons and practical strategies advisors can use to impact their own practice performance.

Key discussion topics covered by Frank and Rita include:

  • How surrounding yourself with the right team is paramount to building a practice that makes its mark on the industry.
  • The independent model shift towards “be supported, be free” and how the intersection of technology, compliance, and operational resources impact advisor performance.
  • Why the pandemic changed advisor-firm partner relationships and the importance of looking beyond the paycheck if you are an advisor considering a transition.
  • Practicing what you preach as an advisor by implementing a continuity and succession plan for your practice to mitigate your own risk.
  • What is required to build authentic client relationships and how this vital skill can be employed to increase practice performance during turbulent markets.

The value of this episode of Advisor Talk is immense and offers a unique perspective from two industry insiders. Frank and Rita go beyond the work it takes to be a successful financial advisor and really speak to the heart of what being a financial advisor means. Be prepared to walk away with new insights – and immense practical knowledge – after listening to this conversation.

Check out the episode here!