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Announcing NXG Council Members

Announcing NXG Council Members

May 24, 2023

Affiliated Advisors is thrilled to announce that Managing Partner Trisha Qualy was named a member of the Advisor Group NextGen (NXG) Council amidst more than 100 applicants. The NXG Council is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of financial advisors as they, in turn, meet the needs of Generations X and Y clients.

Trisha Qualy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the NextGen Council. As a Managing Partner at Affiliated Advisors, she has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the financial services industry and a commitment to empowering NextGen professionals. Trisha's valuable insights and unique perspective will play a vital role in shaping Advisor Group's initiatives to better serve and amplify the voices of the NextGen community.

The NextGen Council is a crucial platform for Advisor Group's strategic focus on the next generation of financial professionals and their clients. As the baby boomer generation continues to retire at a rapid pace, Generations X and Y are poised to control nearly half of household wealth by 2030. Affiliated Advisors is dedicated to leading the industry in understanding and meeting the changing needs of this emerging demographic.

To address these evolving needs, Advisor Group will provide various opportunities for NextGen professionals. The recent NXT Conference served as a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and peer collaboration. Advisor Group is committed to introducing new services and solutions that will enable NextGen financial professionals to build thriving practices, better serve existing clients, and attract new ones.

The NextGen Council will provide guidance and leadership in driving Advisor Group's strategic efforts. By fostering structure, focus, and connectivity, the council will ensure that Advisor Group serves and amplifies the voices of the NextGen community effectively.

Affiliated Advisors and Trisha Qualy are honored to be part of the NextGen Council and look forward to contributing to the future growth and success of Advisor Group and the financial services industry as a whole.