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Michael Kitces Podcast: The Evolution Of Super-OSJ Platforms To Support Independent Advisors

Michael Kitces Podcast: The Evolution Of Super-OSJ Platforms To Support Independent Advisors

July 25, 2023

We are excited to share that Affiliated Advisors was recently featured in a captivating episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Michael Kitces. The episode showcased an exclusive interview with Rita Robbins, the visionary Founder and President of Affiliated Advisors, who has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the Super-OSJ model for nearly three decades. As one of the first women to establish a Super-OSJ, Rita's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She has witnessed the evolution of the Super-OSJ landscape, transforming it from a mere oversight of brokers selling proprietary products into a dynamic back-office platform that empowers independent financial advisors with unparalleled support.

A key aspect that sets Affiliated Advisors apart is Rita's unwavering commitment to three critical growth levers. Firstly, the platform focuses on attracting and nurturing top-tier advisors, ensuring a vibrant and collaborative community of professionals. Secondly, Affiliated Advisors fosters organic growth within its platform, enabling advisors to thrive in an environment tailored to their needs. Lastly, Rita and her team have strategically embraced inorganic growth through facilitating the buying and selling of advisor practices. This approach has resulted in tremendous success for the platform and its esteemed advisors. The recent pandemic served as a catalyst for Affiliated Advisors' growth, thanks to its cutting-edge middle- and back-office support, including the seamless ability to work remotely. While many institutions struggled to adapt, Affiliated Advisors' forward-thinking approach enabled their advisors to serve their clients seamlessly during the transition to digital operations.

Although not a financial advisor herself, Rita's decade-long experience as a wholesaler allowed her to intimately understand the needs of advisors. This experience provided her with the confidence to launch Affiliated Advisors, aiming to deliver a platform that is attuned to advisors' unique challenges and aspirations. The blog post also delves into Rita's personal challenges, including her early-career experiences and how she overcame gender-related pressures. At Affiliated Advisors, the future of the Super-OSJ model is being shaped today. Rita Robbins' dedication to excellence and her team's unwavering commitment to supporting independent financial advisors have set a benchmark for the industry. Their innovative approach, coupled with a focus on empowerment and growth, has made Affiliated Advisors a true leader in the financial advisory space.

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