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Cindy Pollack

Cindy Pollack

Director of Compliance

I have worked in the securities industry for over 35 years and I am proud to bring my experience in operations and compliance to the Affiliated Advisors team. I am dedicated to creating an excellent advisor experience because I understand the challenges that advisors face each day in navigating their way through the ever-changing rules, regulations, and processes of compliance and operations. I still enjoy the fast pace of this industry and the evolving rules keep me always learning.

In 1980, I began my career with Piper Jaffrey, and after raising my family, I continued my career in operations and securities at a variety of different companies until I joined the OSJ office for Cetera Advisors Network as one of four OSJ Managers and was quickly promoted to Director of Compliance and Operations.

After living in Northeast Minneapolis for most of my life, I now reside near Sullivan Lake in Pierz, Minnesota. The lake house has been in our family for 40 years, and this year I've been fortunate enough to be able to live there full-time. I live with my partner, Rob. Together we have a blended family of four children and 6 grandchildren. I enjoy anything having to do with the outdoors, including fishing, hiking, boating, and gardening.