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Trisha Qualy

Trisha Qualy

Managing Partner

I lead our firm's practice management initiatives and am passionate about helping our advisors grow and improve their businesses. Incorporating technology, marketing, and strategic planning into advisors’ practices are some of my focuses. I also look for other financial professionals that align with the culture of our firm and are interested in joining our network.

I have been working in the financial services industry for almost a decade. Before joining Affiliated Advisors, I worked in a leadership role with a hybrid RIA/broker-dealer-affiliated OSJ. There, I specialized in operations and compliance while overseeing the transition process for advisors joining the firm. As an advocate for women and NexGen advisors in our industry, I serve as a board member of the Technology Council and the Large Enterprise Study Group at Advisor Group. As an industry speaker, I have presented on work-life balance, managing a remote team, and the benefits of coaching.

I am from Minnesota, where I grew up starting small businesses in my neighborhood. A few of my favorites were my “photography” studio, door-to-door popcorn sales, and a flower arrangement service. I enjoyed finding different ways to provide value to the people in my life and the hobbies I created for myself set the tone for how I would evolve professionally.

I still live in Minnesota–now in Minneapolis–with my husband Benjamin, and our dog, Biscuit. To stay active, I love to run and recently spent lots of hours on the city running trails while training for my first marathon. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, quilting, and traveling.