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Transitioning Your Broker Dealer is Easier Than You Think

March 8, 2023

According to recent research, over half of all advisors have made, or are considering making, a change in the last five years. And the reasons why are compelling, most notably the fact that advisors making a transition are seeing a 30% growth in their AUM after making the move. So, yes – the grass is definitely greener on the other side of that fence - the challenge then is how to break through the inertia holding you back, along with how to navigate the many aspects involved in a transition so your clients follow and you unleash pent-up energy and momentum in your business.

Listen now to learn from industry experts experienced in advisor transitions, along with advisors who have recently made a change, to learn the top strategies for success, including actionable advice for how to:

  • Find a broker-dealer that can help you grow
  • The right approach to client communications
  • The legal, operational, technology and financial aspects involved to turbo-charge the next chapter of your career

Speakers: Timothy D. Welsh, CFP® - Moderator President Nexus Strategy, LLC | Trisha Qualy, CFP® Managing Director Affiliated Advisors | Frank Chiodi President Precision Wealth Solutions | Diana Britton - Host Managing Editor