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The cost of aging is skyrocketing. Insurance products help families protect their wealth and preserve it for future generations. Our dedicated insurance specialist, Lori Skibo, focuses on helping advisors select the appropriate products, locate the right policy and provider, and negotiate with insurers. We streamline the insurance process to make it easier for the advisor as well as the client.

This mirrors the Affiliated Advisors point of view: we want to help advisors succeed in all aspects of client solutions. It’s impossible for one advisor to be an expert at everything. We are living in a fiduciary era. Advisors often focus on asset gathering and asset management, but the advisor’s responsibility for the client’s best interest means you have to pay attention to risk management. Ignorance of insurance is no excuse. That’s why we have Lori. For more than two decades, her sole focus has been on educating advisors, finding customized solutions, explaining how policies work, walking clients through the complex underwriting process—all without regard to products or commissions.

Most advisors have had hard, painful experiences with insurance. It’s hard for clients to reach the age of financial substance without accumulating some health issues along the way. This can make insurance process incredibly difficult to manage. We take the evaluation and comparative analysis out of your hands and give it to an expert with high-tech and high touch solutions to help you.

The marketplace is more dynamic than people think. For many clients, insurance policies have gotten less expensive. We review policies to see if you can get a better deal. We work with an analysis firm that’s similar to Morningstar, but for insurance. Often, we can get you the same coverage for less money—or more coverage for the same money.

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